Analysis of Qualcomm Secure Boot Chains

Qualcomm is the market-dominant hardware vendor for non-Apple smartphones. Considering the [SoCs] they produce are predominant, it has become increasingly interesting to reverse-engineer and take over their boot chain in order to get a hold onto the highest-privileged components while they are executing. Ultimately, the objective is to be able to experiment with closed-source and/or undocumented components such as hardware registers or Trusted Execution Environment Software.

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Quarkslab Internship Offers for 2019-2020

It's time to open Quarkslab internships season! This year, we offer 5 new internships, most of which are linked to binary analysis related research topics but have a look, there is more! Quarkslab team is always pleased to welcome new talents who want to work on complex security research subjects. If you love binaries, want to face new challenges and work in a dynamic environment where curiosity and teamwork are at the heart of our way to do R&D, please apply!

All internships will take place in our main office in Paris, France (and one in Rennes also). If you are coming from abroad, you will need a proper visa to be with us. At Quarkslab, we encourage remote work, but that does not apply to internships.

Last but not least, we usually train Padawans so that they stay with us once their training period is done, even if that does not mean the training is over :)

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