goto llvm_dev_meeting;

Quarkslab's compiler crew is going to LLVM developer Meeting in CA!

It's not a secret that Quarkslab has been working since 2013 on an LLVM-based obfuscator. The LLVM Developer meeting program looks exciting, and certainly not only because we're presenting an introductory tutorial on Building, Testing and Debugging a Simple out-of-tree LLVM Pass, featuring a few unconventional slides ;-).

During these two days, there will be much more to learn than to teach, reaaaaally looking forward being there (who can say no to a 17-hour long trip, anyway?).

If you're into obfuscation, we'll also present a lightning talk on that topic: To LLVM Bytecode Obfuscation and Beyond.

Don't hesitate to come and share thoughts!

Hic sunt dracones