Quarks In The Shell - Episode IV

This year has been very fruitful for Quarkslab with lots of research, new challenges, newcomers, open source success. It is now a tradition to look back at what we have done during a small conference named “Quarks in the Shell” or just "QITS", where we share the year experience with our customers, partners and friends. QITS meeting is one of the output channels for our research work that is also reflected in internal tools, our open-source projects (e.g. Triton, LIEF and QBDI), and our products (IRMA Enterprise and Epona).

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Internship offers at Quarkslab for the 2016-2017 season

EDIT: All positions are filled

Every year, we are looking for young and adventurous students, with promising skills, eager to dig deeper into the field of security through its more technical side. The topics we propose are complex, challenging and will require a lot of efforts and sweat. But in the end, you will get the satisfaction to have learned a lot about security. All this without emphasizing enough the opportunity to work with the sometimes weird but always amazing Qb crew, especially when it comes to humour or training a Padawan.

All trainings are to be done in our main office in Paris, France. We encourage remote working, but that does not apply to trainings where the Padawans need to be among the team. That means the applier will need to have the proper visa to work with us if required.

Last but not least, we usually train Padawans so that they remain with us once the training period is done, even if that does not mean the training is over :)

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Offres de stages Quarkslab pour la saison 2015-2016

Chaque saison, des nuées de stagiaires quittent les réconfortants bancs de l'école pour rejoindre le monde sans pitié du travail. Afin de faciliter cette transition, nous, à Quarkslab, proposons des stages avec des sujets pointus, un encadrement sans complaisance mais néanmoins chaleureux, un régime alimentaire digne de sportifs de haut niveau (indispensable pour tenir le rythme), et un humour imperméable aux blagues qui ne font pas toujours un tabac. Si toi aussi tu aimes les défis, engage toi avec nous !

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Stages et alternances 2014-2015

Quarkslab propose plusieurs stages, certains sujets pouvant aussi être aussi traités sous forme d'alternance. Ca touche à des tonnes de domaines : recherche de vuln, analyse de code, crypto, compilation, reconnaissance réseau, malware et réponse à incidents. Bref, il y en a pour tous les goûts.

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Bradley, hash-and-decrypt, Gauss ... a brief history of armored malware and malicious crypto

What was really stunning about Stuxnet and its cousins was it was "open source". Once the sample was captured, it was big to analyze, but none of its embedded secrets could escape a malware analyst. And it had many secrets! From an engineering point of view, the architecture and design are clean and efficient, which makes Stuxnet a good example to learn how to design malware. From an intelligence point of view, knowing what is targeted is valuable. For a money point of view, considering how governments are racing to buy 0 days, Stuxnet was above expensive. And all this was wasted because the payload was unprotected!

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