Binbloom blooms: introducing v2

In this blogpost we present our brand new version of binbloom, a tool to find the base address of any 32 and 64-bit architecture firmware, and dig into the new method we designed to recover this grail on both of these architectures.

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Triton v0.8 and ARMv7: A Guideline for Adding New Architectures

This blog post is a follow-up on the announcement of Triton v0.8, where we explain how we added support for ARMv7 and provide a guideline for adding new architectures.

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Triton v0.8 is Released!

No Tears, No Fears

Cappsule was released a few weeks ago and we're happy of the positive attention received. However, relying on a custom hypervisor make its usage quite difficult across various distros. This blogpost explains how the same goals can be achieved on Linux with usual software. Impatient readers can directly checkout NoFear's GitHub.

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