Ansible Security Assessment

Ansible is an open-source software automating configuration management and software deployment. Ansible is used in Quarkslab to manage our infrastructure and in our product Irma. In order to have an idea of the security of Ansible, we conducted a security assessment. This blogpost presents our findings.

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Security Audit of dalek libraries

The Tari Labs mandated Quarkslab to perform a cryptographic and security assessment of the dalek libraries. One of the Tari Labs' projects is to implement the Tari protocol, a decentralised assets protocol. It relies on some of the dalek libraries, especially the cryptographic primitives, provided by subtle and curve25519-dalek. Moreover, the use of Bulletproofs , and its implementation by the authors of the dalek libraries, will allow them to enable efficient confidential transactions on the blockchain in a near future.

We only found some minor issues. We also provided recommendations on the usage of the libraries and third-party libraries.

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